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In 2012, we set out with a vision of creating a thriving humanity. Our mission is to revolutionize our communities health thinking from symptom care into prevention first.  The simple idea of balancing nervous system through specific and scientific Chiropracric care with nutritional upgrade have been the pillars of our philosophy.  Over the years, our vision has become a promise.  To this date, we take care every patients as our family members, with passion, integrity and honesty.  Welcome to ICON Chiropractic Center.

Our Services

Revolutionized health care system into prevention first
Gonstead Chiropractic
The Gonstead technique emphasizes the importance of restoring integrity of bodily structures and nervous system through specific and scientific chiropractic adjustment.

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Functional Nutrition
The Functional Nutrition focus on restoring balance of internal body chemistry to enable body healing action.

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Essential Oil therapy
The essential oil provide specific nature chemical constituents to facilitate and enhance healing process.

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Sports Injury Prevention
Proper joint alignment, optimal nutrition and precise rehab exercises are keys to prevent sports injury as well as maximizing sports performance.

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Nervous system is the foundation of your health. When was the last time you have them checked?

Doctor Alan Wu DC

What Makes Us Different?

  • Personalized Health Care

    No two people are alike, so is the same condition on two different people. At ICON, we understand there is no one size fits all in health care therefore personalized health care is a must to facilitate the individual healing process.

  • Holistic approach

    All bodily parts are connected to each other but not separated. In ICON, we examined and evaluated the whole body for a specific condition and orchestrated a blueprint for plan of action.

  • Root cause focused

    Symptomatic management can provide a short-term relived but root caused focused can create long lasting changes. At ICON, this has always been the foundation of our philosophy and what we strived for.

  • Preventative Care

    An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. One of our mission is to support your health at the highest level to achieve the true definition of preventative care.

Dr. Alan Wu, D.C., CFMP®

My goal is to set you up for a good environment to heal as quickly as I can, help you to stay healthy as long as I can so you can refer your friends and family in for better health and lives. -- Dr. Wu DC

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